Sounding the alarm- Jesus is coming!! The signs and the prophets of God are aligning!

My dear friends that are Christians tell everyone you know about Jesus Christ everywhere you go- there is no time to waste!!! And my friends that are proclaiming to be Christians that are not living for the Lord – please repent and turn to him and tell others to do the the same so that you may spend eternity with your creator, the most loving gentleman in the universe – do not fool yourselves, do not be lukewarm, do not be left behind! ┬áMy nonChristian friends I would love to talk to you and share with you what Jesus has done in my life- He is real, I did not used to believe He was. Jesus is coming soon – I know you may think I am crazy, but you will wish you had listened if you don’t listen now, He is coming soon! Too many prophets are speaking the same thing and confirmed things that I know the Lord has told me. It’s time my friends. Read the parable of the ten virgins, we have to be ready, we cannot be Lukewarm, we will be left behind.