Our youth are hurting, they are angry, and they are in desperate need of a savior!

Today’s youth culture is extremely confused as to what morals and absolute truths are. Josh McDowell stated in his book Disconnected Generation: Saving Our Youth From Self-Destruction “ In the absence of foundational training, our young people have been influenced by a philosophy that permeates much of our society-government, schools, movies, television and music- and guides much of their behaviors without them(or most of us) even being aware of it. “ (p.43)  But Josh McDowell states in contrary to that, “Today’s youth seems to be just as interested in God and just as passionate about spiritual things as any generation.  For more than a decade, young people have been the most spiritually interested individuals in America.  Their interest is not the question at all.  But the fundamental question is: “How are they forming their view of God? And what brand of religion are they adopting?” (p.15) Their influence from humanistic worldview is large and this is why it is so easy for them to  write off Christianity as just another one of the many religions out there that work for some but not for all.  Regarding this issue Josh McDowell says, “The vast majority of young people from good churches and homes do not believe there is a truth outside themselves that determines right from wrong.  They do not believe there is a universal truth that is right for all people, in all places at all times.  They have been conditioned to believe that each individual has been given the right to say and do what the person thinks is best for him or her.”(p.45)

Our youth are hurting, they are angry, and they are in desperate need of a savior.  According to Josh McDowell “Research shows that when young people lack a basic biblical belief system, it negatively affects their attitudes.”(p.16) The youth of this day are more frustrated and angry with life because they have no sense of purpose, and are highly disappointed as to what each new day brings.  Due to this feeling of disappointment, they are using illegal drugs as a way to cope and escape, they are attempting suicide to end their hopeless lives because they see no hope and no other way out, and they are migrating to one another to lick each others wounds and build upon one another’s hurts.  The youth are creating their own sense of community where the church and or family have failed to do so. The youth must be introduced to Christ, and some of the youth needs to be reintroduced to Christ.  Josh McDowell states in chapter 2, “Christianity isn’t a mere religion and it is not simply based upon various teachings.  Christianity is based on the life, character, and identity of a person – Jesus Christ.  Christ did not come to the earth to teach Christianity- Christ is Christianity. “(p.35) Their perspective of Christ must be changed. A majority of teenagers are very self-centered and they think that their main goal in life is to have fun and fulfill their fleshly desires.  But they have to understand as Josh McDowell states, “Christianity is not about Christ coming to the earth to teach bad people how to live better as 64 % of young people believe.  Christianity is about Christ coming to earth to raise dead people to new life through a relationship with him.”(p.37)  The youth of today has definitely expressed desire for relationship.  The fact that this desire is not being fulfilled the way God designed it is evidence that they are looking to fulfill it by other means.  The majority abstain from Christ because they think that He will prevent them from being bad which they are lead to believe is fun and self-fulfilling.

There was a girl in my life pack youth group I used to teach named Tessa.  She was beautiful young girl with a lot of potential.  She did not think so because she had an extremely low self -esteem.  Her step-mother was very condescending to her as the step child.  At sixteen she was forced to get a job and pay for everything on her own.  She felt like she had no parents.  Her father succumbed to whatever her stepmom said because she was the dominant one and since she didn’t accept Tessa as her own daughter, Tessa was left feeling extremely abandoned and alone.  Her family attended church every Sunday and it was mandatory that Tessa attend. She was new to the church and new to the state and did not have any close friends.  She began to question her purpose and contemplate suicide.  She confided this in me and I began to tell her that Jesus had a wonderful plan for her life.  She found this so hard to believe because she had concluded that if God cared he wouldn’t have allowed her to end up in the horrible situation that she was in.  I went on to explain that God did not have control over peoples choices, or how they choose to respond to the way that he called them to live, but all that she could is make sure that she is focusing on developing a personal relationship with him not based on her broken relationships with her parents and siblings, but based on her obvious need for a savior.  We began hanging out regularly and studying the word and praying together and when it came time for her to go to college she moved out and really began to experience a life in Christ of her very own.  She is now married to a youth pastor and involved in youth ministry.  She has a wonderful relationship with the Lord, and to think Satan almost succeeding in taking this girl out by way of despair and hopelessness.  But she found her hope does not lie within man, but in Christ alone.